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Thorougbred Racing
In today’s competitive field and industry, something as simple as results technology can mean the difference between a profitable track and an exceptional business. There is no room for error in thoroughbred racing, and with industry standards becoming stricter and with a greater emphasis placed on secure, tamper-proof systems, BROOK Group's knowledge and expertise will ensure the seamless administration and rapid results display of every race, at every meet.

Thoroughbred Racing - Desktop, Scoreboard and Video Display EquipmentAll of our products are designed to interact with each other in a rapid and user-friendly environment – from desktop, to scoreboard, to video display – the versatile and accurate equipment provided by BROOK Group, combined with our industry experience and expertise will ensure the smooth operation and profitability of your club.

Our Products and services include:
FinishLynx Colour Digital Photo Finish Equipment
Electronic Timing Equipment
Display Boards
Video Boards
Custom Made

FinishLynx Colour Digital Photo Finish Equipment

FinishLynxFinish Lynx has become an almost standard feature on thoroughbred tracks around the world.

There are many reasons, but some of the most important are these:

RELIABILITY In the world of thoroughbred racing there is no room for error. Lynx products are designed and built in the US to ensure the highest standards of system design, quality and reliability. They are easy to use and unfailingly accurate.

SECURITY For years Lynx technology has been setting the standard for tamperproof security, and the EtherLynx 2000 range of products continues that tradition. The photofinish images produced by Lynx products are encoded, and time-indexed - they cannot be opened or manipulated in any computer graphics program. With the integrated backup function, images and data can be written automatically to an archive disk for later examination.

SPEED Results in seconds. Instantaneous transfer of images and data to Judges, to Television, to the Internet, and to scoreboards. Reducing the time taken to produce official results means more time is available for the placement of bets.

LOWER COSTS Employing our state-of-the-art technology can reduce your operating expenses by eliminating film and chemical costs. Simpler technology means a more efficient use of personnel.

Click here for further information on our range of FinishLynx photo finish and results technology, or alternatively, contact us directly so we can work out the best system for your track.

Electronic Timing Equipment

With over 40 years experience and the latest technology BROOK Group are able to offer Thoroughbred Electronic Timing Equipment from Wireless Barrier Transmitters through sectional timing equipment and finish beams.

For further information on our range of Electronic Timing Equipment contact us directly so we can work out the best system for your track.

Display Boards
Display Boards
BROOK Group's L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) computerised semaphore boards, with message area are controlled by the latest microcomputer technology. Displays utilise high visibility, long-life L.E.D., which are housed in a powder coated aluminium enclosure with secure, vandal resistant, front windows.

Choose from a variety of standard models and sizes that have been specially designed to suit thoroughbred tracks and immediately enjoy the ease and simplicity of operating one of our scoreboards.

Click here for further information on our range of Computerised Semaphore Boards, or alternatively, contact us directly so we can work out the best system for your track.

Video Boards
Video Display Board

Want to give your punters a reason to skip the TAB and go straight to the track? Give them a Daktronics Video Display Board and they’ll keep coming back for more! BROOK Group can provide you with a centrally controlled, fully integrated display system that will make video, animation, graphics and live scores and statistics a reality for your track.

With our trademark simplicity and world-renowned quality, our Video Boards are yet another feature that can build on a photo finish results network from BROOK Group. Click here for further information.

Custom Made

Can’t find the right product in our standard range? Tell us what you want and we’ll build it! With several decades worth of design and manufacture experience, BROOK Group can tailor any of our display features to any thoroughbred track or condition. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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