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Whether you’re in the market for secure and reliable photo finish systems, sporting display or scoreboards, or even timing equipment – BROOK Group have a product or service that will suit your needs and maximise the profitability of your event.

Products for Swimming Applications 
OmniSport HS-200 Horn Start
OmniSport® 2000 Timer
Portable On-Deck Wiring Harness System
Touch Pads

OmniSport Horn StartOmniSport HS-200 Horn Start - The new OmniSport HS-200 horn start and public address system is designed to suit all your starting needs such as a recall disable feature for the new “one start” rule in swimming. It also includes a gunshot sound for starting track and cross-country. This unit operates on battery for over 15 hours of normal use and has an internal 40-watt speaker, as well as a 360-degree strobe light.

OmniSport Public Address SystemAn optional strap is available for easy mounting of the HS-200 to a backstroke flagpole or tripod. Additionally the HS-200 has a wireless microphone option. This allows officials to position themselves at the best possible location on the deck and still provide a fair start. The standard microphone, which hangs on a lanyard to be worn by the official, is connected to a battery pack worn around the waist. There are eight easily adjustable channels upon which the HS-200-R can transmit, reducing the chances of interference. If unexpected radio interference should occur, the microphone can be connected directly to the HS-200.

OmniSport TimerOmniSport® 2000 Timer - This fully functional timer has multisport capabilities and communicates with the Hy-Tek® meet manager system. Three backlit LCD screens indicate lane status and completed lengths for up to ten lanes.

For increased capabilities and user-friendly access, the OmniSport 2000 timer can interface to a laptop. Complete with a built-in printer, this cost-efficient timer provides easy to read printouts for heat results. An optional soft-sided carrying case is available for safe and easy transport and storage.

On-Deck WiringPortable On-Deck Wiring Harness System - Daktronics has available portable on-deck cabling. There is a main cable from the OmniSport to the first lane, and then each  individual lane module connects from the previous lane. Each lane moule has the ability to input one (1) touch pad and three (3) back up manual buttons simultaneously.

Touch Pads

T-6000 series touch pads from Daktronics incorporate state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques with practical design to make them the most durable and dependable on the market today. The stainless steel construction of the touch pads provides stability and reliability.
Daktronics offers five standard sizes to fit your needs, including the T-6240F that meets FINA specifications. All are carefully crafted to provide reliable service without yearly maintenance costs. Stainless steel touch pads are a vital component of a complete timing / scoring system.

Touch pad Design:-  Daktronics touch pads use a proven design that incorporates three conductive plates made of non- – corrosive stainless steel. The stainless steel construction gives years of reliable service and will not crack or break under pressure like plastic touch pads. The front and top of the touch pad provide high sensitivity across the entire, non-slip surface of the touch pad. Stainless steel front and intermediate plates flex easily when the touch pad is activated by the swimmer. Resilient strips of insulating acrylic foam tape separate each plate. These strips allow plate contact when lightly touched, yet are resilient enough to keep wave action from activating the plate. The foam tape runs in horizontal rows, with vertical slots that allow water pressure between the touch pad and the water. The ability to let water flow through the touch pad has the added effect of helping it adhere to the pool wall, minimising pad movement in all directions. Daktronics pads are designed to be self-draining. As the unit is lifted from the pool, water quickly drains through small holes along the bottom.

Scoreboards - All Semaphore Boards are custom made and are controlled by the latest micro-computer technology. Displays utilised are high visibility, long-life L.E.D. (light Emitting Diodes)  which are housed in a baked enamel coated aluminium enclosure with vandal resistant front windows.

Swim ScoreBoard
Swim Scoreboard

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