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What is ResulTV?

ResulTV is a user configurable Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 data display program from the makers of FinishLynx. It will display results instantaneously from a variety of sources: FinishLynx, Hy-Tek MEET MANAGER, etc.

ResulTV - computer screen

When the computer running ResulTV is connected to a Scan Converter, the graphics produced are suitable for broadcast or local display.

  • Displays Static Text or Dynamically changing Text (Results etc.)
  • Displays 24bit Graphics
  • Can display Results and Running Times
  • User Configurable Layouts
  • Accepts Multiple Data Sources
  • Works with PAL and NTSC formats

Applications of ResulTV
There is no easier way to display and broadcast your event's results. Users have found applications for ResulTV as a scoreboard; as a data terminal for judges, announcers, and athletes in dressing rooms etc.; and as means of producing graphics for television without the need for a Chyron graphics generator. ResulTV is being used in pari-mutual simulcast productions around the globe.

Click here to read more about how ResulTV is being used >

ResulTV - LaptopWhat Sports are Using ResulTV?
Track and Field, Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Cycling, Canoeing, Rowing, Kayaking, Speed Skating, Swimming . . . 

In fact, ResulTV can be configured to operate with practically any sport which can send a digital data stream to a scoreboard.

Contact our trusted and professional team via email, or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 to discuss your requirements.

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