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The hard part used to be getting the cable from Point (A) to Point (B)…but it just got much easier.

Easy to use

Whether you need to start a timing system, record a photoeye break, or just make your timing technology highly mobile, RadioLynx gives you total freedom and unpreced­ented security. RadioLynx is a state-of-the-art system for wireless transmission of timing signals that uses a field-proven technology to ensure accuracy and stability.

RadioLynx EquipmentThe two component system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The units are each about the same size as a pack of playing cards, but you won’t be gambling on anything when you add this latest functionality to your timing technology. When the Starter has true mobility and there are no worries about “spiked” cables, you will see the benefits of RadioLynx.With a range of approximately 2 kilometers from the standard version, and an alternative configuration which can be connected to standard VHF or UHF transmitter/receivers, the system is powerful enough for every situation.

Complementing the extensive range of the units, is the time-stamp technology that copes effortlessly with jammed or interrupted transmission. Every signal is sent multiple times and can be re-sent minutes, or even hours, later, ensuring that your critical data always gets through.

FinishLynx Interface
Each transmitter is capable of marking its own transmissions with a unique identifier, so that several transmitters can be connected to a single receiver. When RadioLynx is used with the FinishLynx Serial Wireless plugin each transmitter can provide data separately. The FinishLynx software can be configured to use each transmitter for different functions (starts or beam breaks), and you can preset “active times” for each unit. This means that split times can be gathered from multiple locations, or from a single location at different times.


Weight 110 g
Dimensions 110 x 50 x 27 mm (h x w x d)
Transmission mode Digital FSK transmission: (127 selectable channels)
Impulse transmission accuracy ± 0.4 ms
Time base Digitally compensated 32768 Hz quartz Real Time Clock • 4 MHz quartz ±10 ppm between -20° and +70°C
Precision ± 0.425 s/day for external temperatures between -20° and +70°C
Operating temperature -20° / +70°C
Power supply Internal NiMh batteries, rechargeable
Battery life About 2000 events
Onboard Microprocessor C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor

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