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LASERLYNX - Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)

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  • Fast                  10 minute equipment setup.
  • Accurate           Exceeds all required standards (Pro).
  • Simple to Use  One touch measurement.
  • Powerful          Links to scoreboards and databases.
  • Portable           Runs on rechargeable batteries.

LaserLynxWhat is LaserLynx?
LaserLynx is a powerful laser-based measuring device linked by state-of-the-art Lynx software to a Palm hand-held computer. The resulting product is in a class by itself. Never has distance measurement in a track and field environment been so accurate, or so easy, or so affordable.

In addition, because all the measurements are computer generated, information can be converted between metric and US units and shared effortlessly with scoreboards, infield displays, databases and even with announcers.

Laser Lynx Display BoardWith the addition of SeriaLynx to the system the LaserLynx equipment can also share information with all these components wirelessly.

Operational Simplicity – LaserLynx measures at the touch of a button…To measure a throw all the LaserLynx operator needs to do is sight on the LaserLynx prism, held at the point of impact by the Measurement Official, and tap the ACQUIRE button on the FieldLynx unit. Instantly the athlete’s Performance is computed and displayed on the screen.

Laser Lynx Setup - Step 1 1. Prior to the event, the LaserLynx unit is setup adjacent to the throwing area and leveled.The position of the LaserLynx unit relative to the center of the throwing circle/arc is established.
Laser Lynx Setup - Step 2 2. After each throw, the Official marking the throw places the LaserLynx prism at the point of impact closest to the throwing circle/arc.
Laser Lynx Setup - Step 3 3. Using the built in telescopic sight, the LaserLynx operator aligns the unit on the prism held by the marking official.
Laser Lynx Setup - Step 4 4. When the Laser­Lynx prism is at the center of the cross­hairs, the operator taps the acquire button on the Field­Lynx unit and the athlete’s perform­ance is calculated.



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