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FinishLynx is the most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system.

The BROOK Group is proud to be the Australian distributor of FinishLynx photo finish products. The entire range of Lynx hardware and software is designed to give you the finest results based technology that is within the budget of every sporting event - no matter whether it’s a world championship or a school competition.

Our integrated photo finish systems are completely modular, so whether you require one camera or nine, basic components or an extensive system catering to special conditions – FinishLynx will have a product to suit your needs.  BROOK Group is also an Authorised Service Agent for the FinishLynx range of photo finish, display and timing products – you can be confident that you’re receiving the most efficient and cost effective technology for your track, with the added assurance of full manufacturer backing for all products.

The FinishLynx range of photo finish products meet all the requirements of a Fully Automatic Timer (F.A.T) in IAAF, NCAA, USATF and have been the system of choice at racing and sporting venues around the world.

Contact us via email or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 if you’d like to discuss how FinishLynx will improve the cost effectiveness and simple management of your photo finish and timing needs.

Caught your interest? Check out our FinishLynx Related Products - see how we can build and maintain an entire result based network for your track or club.

FinishLynx Features

FinishLynx represents a revolutionary leap in the world of digital race management systems. The first of its kind, FinishLynx photo finish products provide a seamless integration of cameras and software to provide a user friendly, tamper-proof image on your desktop in seconds. With the ability to take up to 10 000 frames per second and transmit these instantly to hard disk; the colour, clarity and speed of our products will astound you.

With a FinishLynx photo finish system, information only needs to be entered accurately ONCE. There is no more retyping, no more struggling to read handwritten notes from the finish line judges. You can even incorporate high-tech elements like read outs from wind gauges into your results. And these capabilities are built into even our most basic systems - you don’t need to buy any additional software. Further benefits immediately visible will be a marked increase in betting time and the cost-effective management of a user-friendly FinishLynx digital photo finish system.

Cameras: From EtherLynx 2000 to EtherLynx Professional, Brook Group will have a FinishLynx digital photo finish camera to suit your track needs. Choose from standard resolution, high resolution or even the enhanced high resolution model, designed for tracks where there may be a number of special conditions combined.

Software Features include:

  • Secure File system with enhanced file sharing permission’s
  • Control of multiple cameras simultaneously, mixing B/W and Colour
  • Native Virtual Memory for Continuous Imaging (unlimited maximum capture time)
  • Available Real-Time TCP/IP Scoreboard Interface for Running Time and Results
  • Generic Database
  • Image/Results Printing with Automatic Start Indication
  • Intelligent Continuous Image Zoom and Rolling Scrolling
  • Live Video Mode for Accurate Camera Alignment
  • Contrast Post-Processing and Gamma control.
  • Start Logging Capability
  • Object finder and Automatic Dead-Space Elimination
  • Available in most languages, including character-based languages.
Please contact our friendly team via email, or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 to discuss which products will maximise the performance of your business.

How FinishLynx Cameras Work

FinishLynx Digital Photo Finish System Specs


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