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All FinishLynx photo finish products are designed to interact with each other as components of an extensive, result based network.

ReacTime is a modular Reaction Training System that can also be expanded into a Championship False Start Detection System. ReacTime detects false starts to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second and instantly signals this information to the starter. Whether you use ReacTime as a stand-alone personal training system or as a false start detection system – you won’t find a system as reliable or tamper-proof as ReacTime.

What this means for you? Satisfying USATF Rule 60.18 and IAAF Rule 162.10, ReacTime will not only give you a championship level of accuracy, but is also an indispensable component of any athlete’s reaction time training regime. For a more detailed look on how this product will work for you, click here/tell me more.

LaserLynx is the most accurate, user-friendly and affordable laser-based distance measurement device you’ll find on the market. Powerful and portable, LaserLynx is yet another component of our integrated results network that you’ll soon find indispensable. Exceeding all minimum competition requirements, and combining operational simplicity with a speed and accuracy never before seen, the wireless LaserLynx system is a must-have for any distance measurement event.

What this means for you? A simple, one-touch, wireless system that gives you a level of accuracy and confidence previously unseen in event management. For a more detailed look on how this product will work for you, click here/tell me more.

FieldLynx is a handheld computer used for field event scoring and administration - just one component of our integrated results system that has already revolutionised the world of meet management. Portable, lightweight and user friendly - the Field Lynx wireless technology will enable you to obtain a list of competitors and keep track of the order of competition using a Palm OS handheld computer. You can also enter results, score the event, and then up-load the results back to your main computer - all without anyone retyping any information, and eliminating the need to leave the field to process results.

What this means for you? A streamlined approach to meet management that is cost-effective and time-effective. For a more detailed look at how this product will work for you, click here/tell me more.

Whether you need to communicate with a scoreboard, a running time clock, a wind-gaugeor any other serial data handling device – or all of these devices at the same time, and from a computer with no available COM port – SeriaLynx™ is the solution. SeriaLynx™ units are a breakthrough in serial data handling technology. By converting a serial data stream into data that can be shared effortlessly over an Ethernet network, Lynx engineers have revolutionized the range and portability of this information. Now individual serial devices can be configured as nodes on either a Local Area Network (LAN) or even on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Once the unit has been configured, it becomes "transparent" to the user, and to the hardware it is connected to. Click here/tell me more.

is an elegant, file-based, simple to use program that will enable you to administer an athletics competition complete with seeding capability. Click here/tell me more



RadioLynx is a Wireless Electronic Starting System,This will allow wireless connection from the starter to the FinishLynx system. Range of up to 5 km. Click here/tell me more.









is a software product that, when used with a scan convertor, enables instantaneous display of start lists and results in a format that is compatible with practically all closed circuit and broadcast television formats. Click here/tell me more.

Please contact our friendly team via email, or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 to discuss which products will maximise the performance of your business.


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