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FieldLynx Photo
Automate Your Field Events With FieldLynx.
The FieldLynx event management software was specially created for Palm OS handheld com­puters by Lynx System Developers, Inc. When used with any compatible Meet Management software, it will revolutionize the administration of field events in the same way that FinishLynx transformed running events.

With the ability to interface seamlessly with LaserLynx EDM units, scoreboards, infield displays and with compatible wind gauges, FieldLynx packs a punch way beyond its size.

As always, the Lynx development team is comprised of people who understand the sport, and thanks to their knowledge a new user will feel confident in just minutes.

Results for All
For too long, athletes in field events have competed in isolation. When results are entered on an official's clipboard only those who can see that clipboard know who's winning, or an individual's performances. With the optional scoreboard plug-in, FieldLynx can drive a range of scoreboards and printers so that spectators and athletes can track the progress of an event.

FieldLynx - Equipment photo

Simple Operation - A Complete Results Production System in the Palm of Your Hand. With this software running on your Palm OS handheld computer you can connect to the computer running your Meet Management software to obtain a list of competitors in an event, keep track of the order of competition, enter results, score the event, and then upload the results back to your main computer - all without anyone retyping any information.

Powerful, Portable, Self-Contained Units running FieldLynx are small, weatherproof, and fast. Despite the small size, units are powerful and are compatible with Windows 9X and Windows NT. Data entry is simple and intuitive. The software effortlessly and rapidly converts marks between Metric and English measurement systems and can automatically post converted marks to a scoreboard.

FieldLynx - board

Connect to a SeriaLynx unit for Unparalleled Connectivity
FieldLynx now has the ability to communicate with a range of other devices simultaneously through its single serial port by connecting it to a SeriaLynx unit.

When used with SeriaLynx units a FieldLynx handheld can control a LaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement device, a compatible wind gauge, and scoreboards or infield displays.

By operating the SeriaLynx units on an AirLynx wireless network, the whole communication process can be done wirelessly.

Contact our trusted and professional team via email, or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 to discuss your requirements.

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