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Whether you’re in the market for secure and reliable photo finish systems, sporting display or scoreboards, or even timing equipment – BROOK Group have a product or service that will suit your needs and maximise the profitability of your event.

"[The] introduction of the digitized photo finish camera has revolutionized the Tour's ability to inform the world. "We have three cameras on the finish line. They can provide the media with instantaneous unofficial results. The camera can also interface with the big screen, ESPN and CBS, providing a flow from the finish line. The thing that really moved us up was the digitized photo finish camera. . . " Jim Birrell, Tour Dupont Technical Director

Brook Group - CyclingStage Races, Criteriums, and Velodromes are all using Lynx technology to streamline the results production process.

Because of the modular nature of the technology, Lynx products are available to users at all levels - from the smallest cycling club all the way up to major events like the Tour de France and World Championships.

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