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IPICO SPORTS - Electronic Timing Systems

IPICO Sports products are breaking new ground by putting the latest technology in reach of everyone; from schools to training groups and sports clubs. Brook is the Australian distributor for IPICO Sports technologies and offer leasing and buying options to sports and event managment organisations alike.

The Elite SystemRFID_Mats
The Elite System connects to four 2.4m-wide antenna mats. With one reader it is possible to arrange a 4m-wide timing location (two lines of two mats) or a 2m-wide timing location (four lines of one mat). More readers can then be combined in order to arrange a larger timing location (8m or more). The Elite Reader weighs only 40 pounds and has an internal battery that can last for up to four hours. The reader can also be connected to external batteries or generators. The antenna mats are flexible and can be rolled and transported in the included shoulder strap bag.

The Lite System
The Lite System drives two mats (for a 2m-wide timing location) and is suitable for small events (hundreds of participants), race splits, or training sessions. The Lite Reader is smaller and lighter (about 20 pounds) than the Elite Reader. Data can be collected either through Ethernet connection or by plugging a flash drive in the Elite Readerís USB port. Antenna mats used with the Lite Reader are the same as those used with the Elite Reader.

IPICO Sports and FinishLynx Photofinish - IPICO also works together with Finishlynx to produce an unrivalled timing system; with the ability of instant results and the accuracy of Lynx Photofinish.

IPICO Sports and Brook Displays - IPICO sports timing solution can work seamlessly with all brook timing products from LED Timers to full results displayboards and videoboards.

Please contact our friendly team via email, or phone +61(2) 4388 4382 to discuss which products will maximise the performance of your sport.


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